The Benefits Of Having A Mentor

Running a business can be stressful, the numerous huddles and setbacks can be too much for the survival of your business. A toddler who is learning to walk with fall numerously, but with the constant and always available help of the mother, they always standup again and try to walk. They are held and encouraged until they can stand and walk on their own. Without proper care, the toddler might never walk, they will give up and never try. This situation can be compared to your young enterprise. You have to make numerous critical decisions that can either make or break your business. Just like a mother, you need a business mentor to oversee your baby steps.

Somebody who has been through the same path and knows it too well is what we call a mentor. They have a vast experience through the numerous business deals they have conducted; they know where danger and success lies. Your business may not be picking up or it might be taking a nose dive; you nothing better than losses. Like a messiah, a mentor takes your current business condition and gives it a lift. You have too many things to plan for, you have to organize your business and unfortunately you don’t know where to start.

The first benefit you gain from a mentor is the great advice. Mentors have made mistakes in their deals and learnt from them. For your young business, mistakes might just be too costly and time consuming; they can render your business into a complete stall. With a good mentor, the “learning” has already been done for you. From their guidelines, you steer away from icebergs that would have otherwise sunk your ship. In addition, your mentor has uncountable links and networks to different business personalities. Getting a good professional network takes a lot of time in the business market. But unfortunately, you have barely had enough time in the market and you need suppliers, vendors and investors. A mentor gives a shortcut to access to this, they know who to exactly call for every situation that arises.

How do you find a mentor? You can begin by looking in your own network. A friend in the same field can be a great choice, a previous boss who gave you inspiration can also be a mentor. Many governments sponsor mentor ship programs-both online and one-on-one. Youth business development centers, women’s business development agencies, veteran’s business development centers etc. are some of the places you can find specialized and tailored mentor ship services. After you find a mentor, it is important to work with them closely and holistically. You have to be respectful of their time by adhering strictly to the schedules. Take notes during each meeting, this will be great for reference and future assessment.

For a business company, changing your business strategies, identifying new products or services, laying off some workers and reducing salaries may be all you need to escalate your current business status. Doing this on your own may be hard. This is because you may not have identified what to do or implementing some things may result into a negative business environment. By enlisting the services of a business consulting firms, you get enough political cover to implement their recommendations. To contact business management consultant, visit